Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys | Exclusive and original film review/editorial video music presentation with West Coast Midnight Run publication, starring Eiffel 65 (Move Your Mind), Cause and Effect, Pat Benatar, powerhouse music DJ David Guetta, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, Lee Byung-Hun, Sandrine Holt, Teri Wyble, Tina Gilton, Starlette Miariaunii and J.K. Simmons.

The highly anticipated reboot of The Terminator series, Terminator Genisys starring the venerable Arnold Schwarzenegger will soon be in theaters and in anticipation of this event we will be offering moviegoers an exclusive and original set of video music editorials that are integral to our editorial film review.  The entire 7-piece presentation can be viewed in HQ large screen format at our main MidnightTracks.net venue for our publication, West Coast Midnight Run.  All are invited for this roller coaster ride.
Most of our readers may not recollect that the original Terminator was prior to the thaw in the East West Nuclear showdown threat.  We have evolved from a species that used to read with their ocular devices to one that enjoys reading using ESP, telepathy and other such DNA-based abilities that no longer requires browsing or surfing web pages.
The USA-USSR tension on the ground, and movies such as War Games helped lend authenticity to the first movie in this sci-fi franchise, making the aftermath and rise of machines credible and palpable to audiences given the rise and widespread use of personal computers and the world wide web - that was to become apparent only a few years after the premiere of the movie in 1984.  The Terminator gained a cult following for its prescience with high tech.
While the diminishment of the threat of a nuclear war (it would be a mistake to dismiss it outright) boosted the evolution of a global economic war, the Terminator premise remained relevant but the edge that may have incited audiences may have worn off significantly.
Another challenge for each new installment in the series is the complete commercialization, oversupply and over consumption of the "Terminator" premise via rabidly popular video games such as Gears of War, Crysis, Metro and many other titles that have delivered to younger audiences the ability to not only enjoy and live the thrills and challenges of this world as a viewer but on an interactive level.
The adrenaline rush and excitement from viewing a film sequel that is reliant on visual EFX to deliver "reality" cannot match video games that can render graphics with almost the same quality and visual style as the movies.  In most recent years more and more movie studios have adopted EFX systems that use basically the same CGI engines as video games - for cost efficiency's sake.
And we are still discounting dozens of other movies, big budget and small, that have joined the bandwagon of the Terminator in giving the audience a different slice of the same premise.
"The Skynet is The Limit in Terminator Genisys, They need to make a movie where Skynet
wins and moves out into deep space."       from our readers
"In a Trance for The Transformers?  I liked Terminator Genisys movie, a good action sci-fi flick
if you are not on a date.  At least John, Kyle, Sarah and the Chrome Terminator don't ride around 
in a converted DeLorean with an OUTATIME license plates."         from our readers
Terminator Genisys has a lot going for it.  It would be foolish however to expect this installment to bring in audiences on a scale similar to the original - theatergoing audiences flock after excitement  and originality when they purchase a ticket for this genre of film.  It is difficult to imagine excitement when originality is absent from a performance.
The acting is solid with very strong performances by newcomers Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke.  Arnold and Jai are familiar faces and old hands at the action genre.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is the anchor for this movie in more ways than one.  He is no longer the killing machine in the monolithic looking skin suit.  He looks very human now - but still very effective.
The visual effects are powerful and relatively sparse as they should be (versus the density of CGI in Guardians of the Galaxy) and the storyline tries to be as original as possible.  Unfortunately some audiences may have already been exposed to the fractured timeline/reset timeline device with Star Trek - a film franchise far more adept at dealing and entertaining audiences with this science fiction construct than The Terminator.
The trouble with Genisys is not the necessarily the time travel paradox, possibly more pronounced a component in the storyline of this chapter than any of its predecessors.  Although time travel is pivotal to the dramatic elements and may present audiences with some challenging moments in plausibility, the problem with Genisys may be the finale.
The 1984 movie was a shocker.
In the first movie, close to the end, the Terminator burns down in a fiery explosion and its robotic skeleton is revealed for the first time - a total monstrous machine programmed for one function - exterminate its target.
The last final minutes of the first movie are a nailbiter as heroine and villain are neck and neck to whom gets terminated.  Genisys is not even close in terms of excitement or suspense in its finale and does not give its audience that final crazy ride and adrenaline rush.
There is no unmasking of the ugly nature of the machine in pursuit of its human prey.
The unmasking is done early in Genisys, supposing the audience has not seen any of its predecessors.  The original Terminator was not science fiction the sense of superhero powered beings against planetary threat of robots as is the case in X-Men or Ultron.
There are no superheroes, just soldiers, man against machine.  The machine is now a cyborg, less automaton and more dangerous.  The Terminator franchise is essentially an urban warfare drama, a tale of survival in a jungle polluted by a technological dream gone awry into a nightmare.  The Terminator series is geared more towards older audiences and far less towards children fantasies, a big plus for a franchise competing with an avalanche of superhero movies.
Another element of originality in the first Terminator movie is the decor.  The first film introduced audiences to urban punk and goth subcultures, which worked very well with the movie's low budget.  The Terminator in 1984 did not dwell on punk and goth but it used these elements along with tight camera angles, relentless pacing and nonstop violence, that teetered on the edge of sci-fi horror films.
The 1984 movie broke new grounds in so many ways, it became the driver for an entire series.
Terminator Genisys does not short the audience on some really nice scenes, compelling dialogue between the actors and very well-paced spectacular action sequences.  So what happened?  Genisys fails to introduce any original concepts, be it social, techno or sci-fi.
Another way of looking at this movie?  Terminator Genisys is much stronger in action and suspense than Salvation, Rise of The Machines and is on very close footing with Judgement Day.


You've done better before, This is the End vid clip is one of the best from your zine, this one is OK

The David Guetta edit on Flickr is what brought me here to see what you guys did but I guess it's only partly up and the premiere is about to begin, sniff sniff.  Would have been a nice shot to view the entire seven pieces before the main fiesta. 

Sucky BS sci-fi versus serious adult sci-fi, Terminator terminates Ultron hands down. 

My favorite line from The Terminator is at the very end.  Sarah in her jeep headed out to the border and she is taping her thoughts to John "A person can go crazy thinking about it (time travel paradox)".  Good thing the audience is not a person otherwise they would have gone crazy digesting the dramatic device central to the entire franchise.

Your videos made me want to see it, I have not seen the original and skipped over Salvation 'cause of the bad reviews it got, so this one was wow, liked it a lot - your videos are bad ass ( I don't mean just the Terminator videos, all of them from the other movies), can't wait for you to put up the entire set.  Hurry up won't you?  JK

@Cheryl Almalvez - IDK but a whole bunch of things could have been better and stronger.  This is one of the best scifi movie series around but for some reason it got worse with each sequel.  Genisys is OK but .... a whole bunch of things are off.  Just my impression though, might go see it again to see, if I find the time this summer.

I haven't seen the movie yet but I wasn't impressed with the most recent sequel.  And most puzzling is the low level of excitement and buzz on Twitter where I get my feed for stuff like this.  Is Paramount Pictures undercutting this movie's promo?  Prior to the weekend there was barely any mention of Terminator or buzz even though it premiered a couple of days earlier.  This is the July 4th weekend it should have been huge.  No clue what's going on.

Yeah so The Expendables arent the Terminators from the past and now Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Terminator from the Future?  Silver heroes for the Silver Screen, this movie rocks and your video sucks.   LMAO JK  honest JK don't delete my post please.

In a Trance for The Transformers?  I liked Terminator Genisys movie, a good action sci-fi flick if you are not on a date.  At least John, Kyle, Sarah and the Chrome Terminator don't ride around in a converted DeLorean with an OUTATIME license plates.